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Don't count on brake warning lights.

 Do I Need Brakes?

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Brake Vibration? Brake Centers Has A Magic Trick to Fix!

Q: My car vibrates when I stop. I have the brakes fixed and some months later they vibrate again. My rotors have been machined and replaced several times over the years.

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My brakes grind and squeal can Brake Centers Help?

Ask The Brake Expert.

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Auto Repair Rip Off? Maybe Not…

Ask the Brake Expert

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New Car Dealer for Brake Repairs?

Ask The Brake Expert.

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Beware of the Brake Coupon

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Secrets to the Best Brake Repair.

Ask The Brake Expert:

Q: How is best brake repair results achieved?

A: Choosing a true brake specialist like Brake Centers has its benefits because of systems that have been developed, proven and put in place with many thousands of brake repairs.

Our secret?

  • A great brake repair always starts with a customer interview.
  • What is the exact brake problem that exists?
  • Does the vehicles brakes pulsate on stops?
  • Is there a poor stopping condition?
  • Is there a brake light on?
  • Is the brake light that is on red or yellow?
  • Do the brakes squeal or grind?
  • Are there other brake noises?
  • Dose the vehicle pull to one side?
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