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Brakes and Desperate New Car Dealers.


What is going on lately with new car dealers overselling?

We have seen in the past certain new car dealers that tell their customers that repair work is needed when it is not, but this practice seems to be catching fire with almost every new car dealership. Did they recently go to seminars that showed how to increase their average ticket by selling more work? What ever it is this practice is short sighted because those customers that chose not to do the work and find out that work is not needed later will spread the word about the dealer. And of course this is immoral because people have put their trust in their new car dealers expecting them to be above board and professional. How many trust what their dealer says and authorize work that is not needed because it is the dealer that says so.

We have been seeing customers on a daily basis that have been told by their new car dealer that their brake pads are worn out and their rotors are rusty and then presented a bill for many hundreds of dollars. 

After a thorough inspection of these vehicles we are finding brake pads that have 30,000 miles left on them and rotors that are well above specifications with no rust on the braking surface and rust on rotors only where exposed to the elements which is normal. One Saturday morning recently our first three appointments were cars from new car dealers that were told they needed brakes when they didn't, one a seventeen hundred dollar brake estimate. When I told one customer that the brakes were good she didn't believe me. I questioned the customer and asked what her brake complaint was. Are your brakes making a noise? Are your brakes squealing? Brakes grinding? brakes pulsating? Brake warning light on? She replied she didn't have a brake problem at all, the car stopped perfectly but the dealer said brake pads and rotors were needed. I told her to come back in a year for an annual brake inspection and sent her on her way.

For the shops that have a passion to give honest service this is another slap in the face making customers even more skeptical then they already are when bringing their vehicles in for auto service. It is sad for a good person to see another being taken advantage of and since we do not charge for a brake inspection this problem has become a huge waste of time and inconvenience for us as well.

What you can do to protect yourself from auto repair rip off.

  • Do not authorize any work.
  • Ask to see for yourself the condition of the brake pads.
  • Ask for the written brake rotor specification and the measured spec's of your rotors.
  • Warn your family and friends that if their new car dealer is suggesting brakes during routine service that they get a second opinion. This is a good practice anytime brakes are suggested.
Is it is desperation or greed? The fact is your new car dealer is no longer a reliable sorce for service. Buyer beware.

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