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National Repair Chain for Brake Repair?

The national auto repair chain brake job.

Need brakes and considering a national franchise store for the brake repair? Here is what you need to know first.

There is one thing Midas, Monro, Sears Auto, Meinekee, Pep Boys, Firestone, Goodyear Service Center, and other national auto repair chains have in common.  And that is they run their operations too much like a business.

This may be no surprise to you but take a moment and think about what that means to their customers. I will share my knowledge of how these and other large automotive retailers run their businesses and what that means to you.

Brake ProfitFirstly, all businesses must make profits to survive, but how it is made and how it is made matters and at what cost to the consumer? I will contend that too much focus is made on large bottom line profits and provide the following examples.

Store managers are judged by corporate on their average sale, which means they are under relentless pressure to find and sell as much work as possible at the highest price possible. Unscrupulous sales people raise the average ticket price for the company by selling unnecessary repairs. This causes otherwise honest employees to either sell more repairs by way of fabrication or have their job in jeopardy because they fall below the average per car sale as though they are not performing to company standards. 

Vehicles are now looked at with dollars in mind instead of finding and solving a customer’s problem. The proper repair and the customer's experience in many cases is removed from the equation or lost in the fog. Every brake repair looks the same, like a rubber stamp that reads Brake pads, Brake shoes, disc brake rotors, calipers, wheel cylinders, brake hoses and the kitchen sink. We have seen this in cases where brakes were not needed at all.

Quality of repair: Brake parts are purchased nationally in bulk and the best product is usually not considered because of cost. Saving a few dollars per car on an inferior part over thousands of repairs brings more to that ever so important bottom line. These products are usually made in China and are not as durable as a quality part. The customer in many cases is not satisfied with the brake repair. You only need to Google search the company name and the word complaints to find thousands of unhappy customers, the result of these great business minds.

Employees of these companies are not happy either but that should be no surprise to the employee. If the company does not do what is right by the customer and wants you to take advantage of them, what do you think they do when it comes to dealing with the employee? Employees are paid by commission with volume incentives that may encourage quick, shoddy workmanship. When the customer returns and complains about a poor repair job the manager and the technician is charged back the commission that was paid to them. There is a large turnover of managers and mechanics alike at these places. Chances are that you will not be dealing with the same manager the next time you return for brakes.

At Brake Centers we look at each car and suggest needed repairs honestly for a proper repair, no piling on the charges or fabricating a laundry list of repairs, no consideration is made for average ticket amount. The crew is judged totally on delighting the customer. Our business model is simple and unique "Give Service, and money will come".

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