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Transmission Question to Brake Centers Expert

Automatic Transmission Question.

Face Book Contact by: Lee Ann Baranyar

Question: Hi Bill. I hope you can answer a question for me. I have a 2004 Lincoln Avaitor. It does not have a dip stick to check transmission fluid? In the book it says it has to be brought to a mechanic my husband does all our car repairs. Until this. I am not having any problems but would like to have it checked. Is this something that can be done at your shop? We haven't had are cars to a mechanic in 25 years (like I said he does the work). And it scares me to just bring it to anyone we don't know. And then I thought of you. If it isn't something that can be checked at your place could you point us in the right direction? Thanks Bill. Have a great day!

Answer: Hi Lee Ann. This is a sealed transmission as many cars today do have.

Why the manufactures came out with an automatic transmission without a dipstick is beyond me. It maybe because wrong fluid had been added to transmissions in the aftermarket? The manufacture typically warranties the transmission and drivetrain for 6 years or 60,000 miles and don't really care if a problem arises due to their poor design after the warranty period.

transmissionSome say there is no service on the transmission but this is not true. There should be a high and low plug on the tailshaft of the transmission, warm engine and remove both plugs. You need to buy a container pump (Less than $10.00 at any parts store) and pump the fluid into the lower hole (engine running) until it comes out the top, shift between gears, add more fluid if needed.

WARNING: If the vehicle has a lot of miles say 125-150,000 and has never had the fluid replaced DO NOT change the fluid because the clutch materials in the fluid may be helping the transmission to shift. If you do replace the fluid it may not shift leading to a major transmission repair or replacement. This is why we don't perform this service in our shop. Imagine telling a customer that drove in for a simple transmission fluid replacement why they have to have the car towed out. Hope this information helps.

Also. Keep an eye out for transmission leaks because if your fluid is low or runs dry and you don't add transmission fluid to it you will blow your transmission.

Q: Bill there is only 67,000 miles. Do you think it would be wise to bring it to transmission shop? Or since there isn't any problems just leave it alone?? Thanks for your help

Yes, I would have the fluid replaced especially if you are going to keep the vehicle for a long time. Have your husband look for the plugs if he is not sure about doing it himself, check BBB online and find an A+ rated transmission shop. Leave the transmission repairs to the transmission specialist and brake repairs to CT's only true brake specialist, that's us!

As you know brake service is our business and our specialty. I am happy to share my knowledge of other repairs when I can be helpful. 

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