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New Car Dealer for Brake Repairs?

Ask The Brake Expert.

Q: Do I need to go back to the new car dealer for brakes? How does Brake Centers of America stack up against the dealer?

A: The best way to answer the question may be in a simple comparison chart. You may be surprised by the following factual information that applies to most circumstances.

Brake Centers of America Repair V/S New Car Dealer for Brake Repair

dealer brakes 

 BCA, no appointment needed / Dealer, must call to make appointment

BCA, while you wait 1 ½ hour brake service / Dealer drop off for service one day or more

BCA, full four wheel inspection at no charge / Dealer, 1/2 to 1 hour labor at $100.00 per hr +

BCA, full inspection upfront / Dealer may call you back afterword for additional repairs needed

BCA, variety of parts used including OE and better than OE parts. / Dealer, OE parts only

BCA, A+ BBB Rating / Dealer, see for yourself

BCA, guaranteed 25% or more in savings / Dealer, large repair bills pay for fancy operations

BCA, 12 mo/12,000 mile 100% warranty or more/Dealer, 3 mo / 4,000 miles in most cases

Dealership repair departments are a good place for major mechanical, electrical, warranty repairs and where it is important to know the manufacturers product in detail. Brakes and other minor repairs are better left to a brake specialty shop.


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