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Ask The Brake Expert:

Q: How is best brake repair results achieved?

A: Choosing a true brake specialist like Brake Centers has its benefits because of systems that have been developed, proven and put in place with many thousands of brake repairs.

Our secret?

Brake Inspection

  • A great brake repair always starts with a customer interview.
  • What is the exact brake problem that exists?
  • Does the vehicles brakes pulsate on stops?
  • Is there a poor stopping condition?
  • Is there a brake light on?
  • Is the brake light that is on red or yellow?
  • Do the brakes squeal or grind?
  • Are there other brake noises?
  • Dose the vehicle pull to one side?

The worst thing that can happen is paying for an expensive brake repair and leaving the shop with the same brake condition that you came in with. This happens in many cases and is easily avoided with the proper inspection procedures in place.

Now that we have spoken to the customer about the braking conditions and documented their concerns, we start our job as brake professionals following one of our company quality procedures.

    1. A full inspection must be made.
    2. All four wheels must be removed.
    3. The master cylinder is checked for leaks, contamination, brake fluid level and color.
    4. Disc brake rotors are inspected and measured against manufacturer machine to and discard specifications.
    5. Brake hoses are checked for cracks, bulgeing and restriction.
    6. Brake pads and shoes are measured for thickness, cracks and wear patterns.
    7. Brake calipers are retracted and checked for free movement. 
    8. Wheel cylinders and brake lines are checked for leaks.
      Parking break system is inspected.
    9. Our findings are entered on our brake safety report.
    10. There may be repair options noted for the customer.

These brake inspection rules hold true whether you are driving a luxury car, a sport SUV or an economy car. Brake Centers of America offers this full brake inspection free of charge. If work is needed we explain brake repair options to the customer in plain english, no obligation or pressure. Many auto mechanics today forget that it is a brake "System". Each component has an effect on stopping performance. By not doing a compleete and thourough inspection you may not find a problem that will effect stopping distance and that can lead to severe consiquenses for the customer. The brake system is the most important part of a vehicle. If the engine slips or the transmission slips it may be annoying but if your car does not stop properly you have real trouble.

This brake inspection process assures that customers are told up front what is needed for proper brake repairs, no surprise calls later. The vast majority of repair shops and new car dealers fail to do this proper brake inspection only to find themselves calling the customer back after the repair starts to notify them of more work is needed.

Your brake repair is done right the first time without hastle which means happy customers that refer our service to others and that more than pays for the free inspection for us. We recommend a full brake inspection every 12,000 miles because catching minor brake problems before they become major repairs saves you money in the long run too.

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